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  1. Bug English client

    easter event bug fixed. thanks There is still a bug in which for example warrior buff skills are suposed to be toggled, in this server like sura's enchanted blade but on english client it doesnt work like that, only on polish (not a big of a deal but still it helps to know when a skill is activated, as berserk has no visual effect when activated and to deactivate a skill it does the animation of activating on english client)
  2. Bug English client

    And again more bugs to the english client, the metins from the event shows to drop only "gall" but if u change language u can see it drops a lot of event stuff and if u open it and change back to english u cant see the mounts and other stuff from event... obs: u cant even see the drops on the ground if u using english client this server english client is all messed up, some items/quests/etc.. have no translation at all.
  3. Problem with english client

    Had delay but u guys fixed it... Thanks
  4. Problem with english client

    did u try to change back to polish and see if fragments still there ? Also i do want that they fix stuff but... for some reason i feel like they dont care about english version.
  5. Problem with english client

    I just started playing this mt2 server, and also got this bug which i cant see the thing to summon the mount, and i cant see the starter costume it appears as if im not wearing any armor, but if i change to PL i can see armors and things work as expected. Hope they fix this, it seems to be a very nice mt2 server, a lot of new stuff etc.. Tried to do bunch of things downloaded from each host on each samia, from , and none worked, also tried patching with a lot of diferent change and tried with all compatibilities, nothing worked except for playing it in PL language which is not an option for me... Also i have a lil lag in this mt2 too (even outside city) , and i play perfect on official server, and my pc is a lot more than enough for mt2 i can play gta v ultra settings 60fps...