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Land of Spacetime - EVENT

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Soon on the server will be special event which will be reproducible every couple of months. There will be a special map and various events that you will have to unlock by yourself. The event will be divided into two stages. 


The first stage of the event will be special drop of Fragments of the Portal thanks to which you will be able to open the entrance to the new map.


You will be able to receive the fragments from all the creatures fragments thanks to which the new NPC will be able to open the entrance to the map.


To open the map, all players on the server will have to collect a total of 200,000 Fragments of the Portal. Fragments you can get in two ways:

- Fragment of the Portal: It will drop from all the creatures above 100 level
- Special Fragment of the Portal: Possibility to buy for 500 lumps

For completing fragments, a single player will also receive prizes:

100 Spotted Pieces = Time-Space Chest
100 Fragments bought = Box of Illusions

(chests are received every 100 fragments given by an individual player)

Additionally, once for giving:

30,000 fragments spotted = Unique Mount
300 Fragments bought = Unique Mount


The possibility to get the mount will be available only during this event and never again. Their number will of course be limited (there is a chance that nobody will get it!)

Bonuses of the Mount will be the same those in the item shop.


After completing 200,000 Fragments of the Portal, the second stage will be activated. A special map will open, divided into character levels (divisions such as always) and promotions in the time-space thresholds for the entire server.




On the server will appear a special global counter for the entire server "Points of space-time" that will be increased by killing mobs, bosses and metins by players of the entire server (only on a new map!)

This is how the number of points received is presented:

Metin (+5 Space-Time Points)
Boss (
+8 Time-Space Points)
500 Creatures (for each player individually) (
+3 Time-Space Points)

For the given thresholds, the entire server will receive the following rewards:

~ 600 Time-Space Points (Rates for 24 hours + 100% exp, + 200% Yang) (Activated immediately)
~ 1600 Time-Space Points (From all creatures on the server it will start to fall out "Box of Portal I-III depending on the character level) (Activated immediately)
~ 3000 Time-Space Points (5 to 15 pieces will start falling out of the bosses on the new map) (Activated immediately)
~ 4000 Time-Space Points (The number of metrics on the new map will increase by 2) (Activated up to 48 hours after reaching the threshold)
~ 6,000 Time-Space Points (a new additional boss will appear on the map, which will appear every 15 minutes) (Activated up to 48 hours after reaching the threshold)
~ 8000 Time-Space Points (The resp time of all metins and bosses on the new map will be reduced by 10%) (Activated up to 48 hours after reaching the threshold)
~ 9000 Time-Space Points (additional items will be dropped from all metins and bosses on the new map) (Activated up to 48 hours after reaching the threshold)
~ 10000 Time-Space Points (The game called 'Mugs' will be activated on the server) (Activated up to 48 hours after reaching the threshold)
~ 12,000 Time-Space Points (on all dungeons will appear the event cards that will allow you to get refreshed drop items) (Activated up to 48 hours after reaching the threshold)
~ 16000 Time-Space Points
(An entirely new metin with a better drop will appear on the event map) (Activated up to 48 hours after reaching the threshold)
~ 20,000 Time-Space Points (On all dungeons (120+) with a few exceptions, a special chest (not 100% chance) from which you can get special event items will start to fall out (Activated to 48 hours after reaching the threshold)

~ 30000 Time-Space Points (A special Event Fate Wheel will be activated on the server) (Activated up to 48 hours after reaching the threshold)
~ 40000 Time-Space Points (on event maps, a special legendary boss will appear, from which valuable items will fall out) (Activated up to 48 hours after reaching the threshold)



Two new metin stones will be available on the event map



Bosses available on the event map




On the server, depending on the unlocked thresholds, there will be special event mini-games, most of them will be available at the new NPC on the map.


The games are presented like this:


Available on 120+ dungeons (with small exceptions) with a refreshed new drop.


Special event unique lottery, available from the new NPC.


Event edition of the game in mugs, with new interesting prizes available from the new NPC.


In addition to the listed things, there will be a few other interesting staff on the server like new special tems on the beggining of the game, special metin stones appearing on maps up to level 130 with items for new players and many more.

You will see it tomorrow!

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